Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Dumping of Bush

Or, "All Breath Returns to the Father..."

Sniff around on some of the righty blogs, and scan the comments, and you'll see the continuing fed-up-ness with W, who, having won the second term that his father was denied, seems bent on having the second term his father would have had, which is to say, a term of rubbery befuddlement and betrayal of those that elected him (here and here are good examples).

All of which means, that if a candidate can be found who promises to fight them on the beaches, in the mountains, wherever the last dregs of them are to be found, who wants to expand the military and train it in Advanced Jihadi Scalp-Taking, then that candidate will be difficult to defeat in '08.

And if he/she delivers, we might even get somewhere. But it will be no thanks to the socialists among us, who are busily making the world safe for fascism.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

And The Pelosi-Watch Begins...

A handful of my fellow wingnuts have already laid into She Who Does Not Blink, for beginning her presumptive-Speaker election with a does of Orwellian Obfuscation not seen since "the meaning of 'is'":

"The point is this isn’t a war to win, it’s a situation to solve. And you define ‘winning’ any way you want, but you must solve this problem."

See now, all this time we thought we were fighting a war. We thought that what with the soldiers and the bombs and the death and killing and the hurting that some kind of armed conflict was going on. But that's because we're a bunch of crazy wingnuts who believe anything we're told by a guy who says he likes Jesus. These smart, post-modern, nuanced folks clearly know better: it's just a "situation." There is no "victory" or "defeat," merely a set of phenomena for which a presumably creative "solution" will be sought.

And we can define "winning" any way we want! Isn't that great? No need to worry about whether handing Iraq over to Iran will have any consequences several years down the road, why, we can just blame Bush for that! Now, back to squeezing more money out of the public fisc and doling it out, like the spoils of war, on our favorite designated victims groups!

What makes it all truly, deeply, glamorously suck is the fact that our President seems to have lost all backbone. Sure, I suppose finally accepting Rummy's resignation was in order, but did he have to dig back into his father's bullpen? Does he really believe that, at this point in the political cycle, that the wisest thing to do is to emulate the first Republican since Herbert Hoover NOT to get re-elected? That we need Jimmy Expletive Carter's National Security Adviser to guide us to mending fences with the Ayatollah?

So, by all means, let's roll out, pretend there's zero difference between the Soviet Union and Iran, and welcome those soldiers returning from that strange situation (Psst! Don't mention the war)!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

So it Goes...

A right jolly spanking administered to my party. And deserved, too. Too much spending, too much pork, too little of the things we voted for two years ago delivered, et cetera, et cetera.

The loss is personally disappointing to me, because I had hoped to help turn my home state of Maryland into an actual two-party state, and instead find myself facing the the twin prospects of Cardin the Faceless growing barnacles in the Senate for the next thirty years and Pretty Boy O'Malley in the Governor's Mansion (pending absentee ballots, but that be a forlorn hope at best). Back to the People's State of Baltimorea it is then.

As for the Dems in Congress, congratulations on campaigns well run. Now...What...Are....You....Going...To...DO?